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A kettlebell is a exercise tool that looks like a ball attached with a handle.  Used initially as a counterweight in shipping yards a long time ago, it is now known as a highly effective fitness tool. Because the weight of the bell is displaced from the handle, it makes some exercises harder by challenging the core and stabilizer muscle. For the general public, it makes your workouts more effective and for the serious athletes, it has the additional benefit in promoting greater work capacity, also known as strength endurance.

Professional Grade Kettlebells have the same dimensions and handles as the weight increases which allows you to progress to heavier weights without having to adjust the technique continually.

Pro-Grade kettlebells are the standard used during kettlebell competitions, hence it is also know as competition grade. What’s more, our kettlebells are certified by Asian Union of Kettlebell Lifting, which ensures our bells are built to the highest standards and the best quality for you!



Kettlebells are great for small spaces as it takes a much smaller footprint after use and can be kept below beds or at room corners when not in use. The ability to use it for full body compound movements make this a great workout tool to keep at home, when you are not in the gym!

Kettlebells Singapore is managed by Movement First Singapore. You can check out their online store for a large range of Strength and Conditioning Equipment!