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What differentiates a good kettlebell from a poorly made one? Here’s our take.

First of all, our kettlebells are Pro-Grade. It means that unlike cast-iron kettlebells, the size remains consistent whether it is 4kg or 32kg. This means that once you learn the technique of each movement, you do not have to re-learn it as the weight gets heavier because the size remains the same.

Secondly, the handle has a consistent texture and has high chalk adherence. Uneven handles are the bane at the highest level because a slight bump can alter their technique. Our kettlebells have been used at regional competitions with positive reviews. Good handles are also able to allow chalk to adhere so that the lifter has better grip in their 10 minutes set.

Finally, our kettlebells have great weight consistency across bells. In poorly made bells, you would not be surprised to see weight variation among bells of the same weight! The weight difference may not be critical for a few repetitions, but over 100 reps which is common in kettlebell sport, you should not risk one arm tiring faster than the other!

Our kettlebells are also competitively priced, click the link below to buy it online directly!